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Business alignment for management leadership.
This is The Current Plan

Plan differently.

We provide an alternative to heavy and cumbersome project planning software. We're light. Agile. Drag-and-drop. Visual. Easy to share.

Manage portfolios, projects, tasks, teams, resources and costs.

What's The Difference? Visual!

We present information visually ... for both project planning and resource management.

Open up the calendar timeline and drag a team icon to the worksheet. Your data is presented in a manner that can be quickly understood. Task timelines are no longer restricted to contiguous periods.

What's The Difference? Sharing!

Coordinate projects and milestones across separate corporations and departments.

Do you have the need to coordinate project plans with your business partners? Share milestones with other organizations? Overlay multiple project plans into a single view? We can do that!

Of course, we also make it easy to share projects across departments and groups within your organization.

What's The Difference? The Web!

We are 100% web-based. IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome!

Clients? Windows, Mac, Linux!

And ... yes, we are iPad ready!

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First Project Free!

Register now! No fees. No credit cards. No obligation! Use our site for one project (no charge!) and see for yourself!

For additional projects, continue your account by upgrading to our paid service.

If you decide not to continue your account, no problem! We'd be extremely happy to receive your feedback and perhaps even improve our site ... perhaps win you over!

Registering Your Corporation or Business

The Current Plan provides collaborative, easy-to-share project planning.

Simply register once for your business. You'll become the "administrator" for your business. As administrator you will be able to enroll all of the other users from your business.

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